Watch: Biden Support Tanks while Sanders and Warren Surge

A breaking poll from Monmouth University has shown a major decrease in support for Joe Biden (-13), while Bernie Sanders (+6) and Elizabeth Warren (+5) have seen notable gains. This makes it a three-way race between Sanders, Warren, and Biden, who are at 20%, 20%, and 19% respectively.

This is just one poll, but Monmouth is a reputable source, and it shows us that the trend lines favour Sanders and Warren, and don’t look good for Biden.

Full results:
Warren: 20% (+5)
Sanders: 20% (+6)
Biden: 19% (-13)
Harris: 8% (-)
Booker: 4% (+2)
Buttigieg: 4% (-1)
Yang: 3% (+1)
Castro: 2% (+2)
O’Rourke: 2% (-1)
Williamson: 2% (+1)

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