Sanders tops Democratic field in new Colorado poll

A newly released poll for Colorado shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading by a point over former Vice President Joe Biden, 26% to 25%, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren six points behind. Further back is Sen. Kamala Harris at 13%. No other candidates broke double digits in the Emerson poll.

This latest poll was conducted on August 16 -19.

As in all other relevant polls we’ve seen this year, Sanders main base of support is with the under 30 crowd, where he nabs 42% and is also grabbing 34% of the vote from 30-49 year old voters. As far as those over 50, Sanders gets just 12% of them, while Biden dominates the over 65 demographic with 43%.

Spencer Kimball, Director of Emerson Polling notes, “the Colorado data is similar to other state and national polls where Sanders holds a base with the youth vote, Biden has his base with older voters and Warren holds equally strong across age groups. If either Sanders or Biden slip, Warren may be the beneficiary”.

Check out the full results HERE.