Sanders, Biden tied for first in new California Poll

The latest poll to come out in a long, long polling season is Emerson Polling look at the Golden State. The newly released poll shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders tied with former Vice-President Joe Biden, each capturing 26% of the vote.  Elizabeth Warren trails the two by 6% and sits at 20%. The next closest competitor is entrepreneur Andrew Yang, while home state candidate Kamala Harris continues to struggle to find her lane at just 6%.

California’s Democratic Primary will be held on Super Tuesday and is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Some key takeaways from this new poll:

Sanders continues his dominance with voters under 50 with 34%, while Biden gets less than half that total at 16%.

In head to head matchups against Donald Trump, Sanders and Biden again come out ahead. Sanders trounces him 63% to 38% and Biden slightly better at 64% to 36%.

Only 31% of Warren supporters say they will stick with her, while Sanders supporters stick with him at a rate of 67% and Biden’s ride or die supporters are 59%.

Check out the full poll results HERE.