Forget Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, it’s Delegate Disinformation Season for the Media

Four years and 11 days ago a story broke on almost every major media source in the country that in my opinion had a bigger effect on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign than almost anything else did. Before or after.

The nefarious graphic pictured above was published on August 28, 2015 and depicts exactly what lengths the media will go to in order to help elect an establishment candidate. It’s important to remember what was going on around the time this well thought out disinformation campaign started. Prior to mainstream media outlets teaming up to blast this story out there, Bernie Sanders hadn’t been the recipient of much mainstream press. There were a few articles here and there but for the most part they, along with the DNC and Hillary Clinton, worked hard to never mention him by name.

In their minds Bernie would never be a factor so they kept him out of their mouths but that began to change when Sanders went on his now infamous west coast swing in early August. With massive crowds in Seattle, Portland and then Southern California people began to take notice and while the crowd sizes were barely mentioned on cable TV or other major media outlets, there was clearly something happening. And something would have to be done to slow down his momentum.  So just a few weeks after the west coast swing, the well-timed superdelegate story broke and you couldn’t get away from it.

Anyone that knows me knows that I think this is the biggest reason that we have Donald Trump as President, it could actually be a toss-up between this and the lack of GOTV campaigns by the Democrats because they knew who the younger crowd wanted but let me stick to this. The Hillary has the nomination sewn up PR campaign planted the “I like Bernie but he can’t win” narrative in the minds of many people that may have voted for him and perhaps more importantly, may have gotten involved with his campaign. But as we know, there’s a lot of people that aren’t going to get involved if they don’t think their candidate has a chance. And that right there is damning part of the media campaign to push this narrative.

So here we are again. Just over four years later and hopefully a little wiser but corporate media is once again up to its old tricks. Just yesterday CBS came out with nothing short of a fantasy about delegates that shows Bernie way behind Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. And of course just like in 2015, it’s being picked up by other media outlets, including of course MSNBC. Unlike in 2015 though, where the media based the superdelegate doomsday scenario on probable support for Clinton, this year’s version (since superdelegates don’t come into play until round two) uses a poll for the delegate prediction. We’ve seen polls with any number of results yet we are led to believe this one is special enough to base a delegate prediction on? Hard pass on that.

There is however a way to battle what can only be called establishment propaganda and that is to educate people about what these numbers mean.

More on where they “possibly” have gotten these sky numbers:

As I pointed out above, this is a critical situation because of the psychological damage that is being attempted. The Sanders campaign must confront this issue with the same vigor they have shown in dealing with Washington Post’s fact checking game, because this is potentially much more damaging than a fake headline.