BERN NOTICE: The Contrast Between Biden & Bernie

Biden says the details don’t matter – maybe that explains some of his votes

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When it comes to details, Joe Biden is now declaring that they are irrelevant — literally.

In an attempt to defend factual inaccuracies in his retelling of stories, Biden told National Public Radio today that “details are irrelevant in terms of decision-making,” and he asserted that details have “nothing to do with a judgment of whether or not you send troops to war, the judgment of whether you bring someone home, the judgment of whether or not you decide on a health care policy.”

But here’s the thing: details and judgment matter when it comes to decision-making — and in many cases, Biden has seen the details of monumental policy proposals and then used flawed judgment to support ill-advised decisions that Bernie opposed.

IRAQ: When the Senate debated the details of the Bush administration’s misleading case for invading Iraq, Biden — then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — joined with Republicans to lead the fight to authorize that war. Biden is suddenly trying to now claim he opposed the war — but the record is patently clear. By contrast, Bernie studied the details of the case for the Iraq War and his judgment led him to oppose that war.

NAFTA: When lawmakers weighed the details of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Biden joined with Republicans and corporate lobbyists to pass the deal, which destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. Bernie studied the same details and his judgment led him to oppose the deal.

BANKRUPTCY BILL: When big banks and credit card companies pushed to change the details of bankruptcy laws to trap millions of American in student and consumer debt, Biden sided with his donors and helped Republicans pass the legislation. Bernie studied the same details and his judgment led him to vote against the bill — and he’s now pushing to reverse it.

SOCIAL SECURITY: When right-wing groups were pushing detailed plans to slash Social Security, Biden repeatedly sided with them to voice support for such cuts. By contrast, Bernie’s judgment has led him to not only fight such cuts, but to champion legislation to expand Social Security.

CLIMATE CHANGE: As scientists warn of an impending climate disaster unless we reduce fossil fuel development, Biden’s judgment has led him to put forward a “middle ground” plan whose details allow for an expansion of fossil fuel development. By contrast, Bernie’s judgment has led him to propose a full-fledged Green New Deal to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

HEALTH CARE: In the face of a health care emergency, Biden’s judgment has led him to promote a health plan whose details leave millions of Americans uninsured. By contrast, Bernie’s judgment has led him to push a detailed Medicare for All plan that  guarantees health care as a right to all Americans.

Donald Trump is a president who treats details as irrelevant and whose terrible judgment has led to disastrous consequences. We need a Democratic nominee with good judgement who knows that when the details are ignored, working people get left behind. Bernie has a record that makes clear he will be that kind of nominee.

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