BERN NOTICE: “Polls Suggest Sanders May Be Underestimated”

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As Bernie today releases his plan to fight climate change, The Hill’s headline perfectly summarized the current state of the Democratic primary: “Polls Suggest Sanders May Be Underestimated.”

The Hill is correct, according to the most recent survey data. Here’s a snapshot of the latest:

✅ MOST POPULAR DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: This week’s latest Morning Consult poll found that Bernie is the most popular candidate with the highest net favorability rating of any Democrat running for president.

✅ HIGHEST LEVEL OF SUPPORT IN TWO SEPARATE POLLS: The Morning Consult poll found Bernie in a solid second place with 20% of the Democratic primary vote, matching the high he hit after his strong performance in the second debate in Detroit. An Economist/YouGov poll found that while the other leading candidates lost ground, Bernie surged 6 points to 19%, by far the highest he has been in that survey since that began tracking the race in early June. In fact, he has closed to within the margin of error of Joe Biden who is now only at 22% in this latest poll, down several points from his peak.

✅ ONE OF ONLY TWO CANDIDATES AHEAD OF TRUMP: A recent Politico story focused on the fact that Bernie is one of only two Democrats who beats Trump in its poll.

✅ SOLID SECOND, FAR AHEAD OF OTHERS: The latest HarrisX poll shows Bernie in a strong second place, with twice as much the amount of support as his next nearest competitor. Bernie also remains in second in the latest CNN poll — and Biden has dropped 10 points since his announcement. The most recent Economist/YouGov poll found more Democratic primary voters would be “disappointed” if Biden becomes the nominee compared to any other potential nominee.

✅ LEADING IN COLORADO, A KEY SUPER TUESDAY STATE: new Colorado poll found Bernie in first place — the first state poll to show Bernie leading all other candidates in a Super Tuesday state since Biden entered the race.

✅ STRONG NUMBERS AMONG PEOPLE OF COLOR: In the HarrisX poll, Bernie is in first place with Latinos, with nearly twice as much support as his nearest competitor. He is also in second place with African Americans, consistent with other polling showing him in second with black voters. He also does well with Asian Americans.

✅ SUPPORT AMONG YOUNG VOTERS INCREASES: The Hill reports that the new Cheng-College Plus poll “found that 29 percent of likely Democratic voters attending college or university picked Sanders as their top choice.”

✅ STRONG NUMBERS AMONG WOMEN: CNN’s poll shows Bernie doing as well with women as with men — and the HarrisX poll has Bernie doing better with women than men. Pew’s new poll shows that 53% of Sanders supporters are women.

As one Democratic strategist summarized it to The Hill: “(Sanders) has the money, the campaign infrastructure and an intense base of supporters. Does he have a tough road to the nomination? Of course, all of the candidates do. But has he been overlooked so far? Absolutely. Out of all the candidates, he is the one you can definitely say is in this for the long haul.”

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