BERN NOTICE: New Poll Shows Bernie Surging to the Top

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Last week, we reviewed a wave of recent polling data showing a big surge for the Bernie 2020 campaign. Today comes yet another poll confirming the surge — it has Bernie tied for first place in the race, and the candidate with the biggest level of support among people of color. The poll comes just as Bernie is receiving a major union endorsement.

Monmouth’s new national survey shows that as Joe Biden has plummeted, Bernie has gained 6 points since June — the most of any candidate in the race. Additionally, the poll shows Bernie is now the candidate with the largest amount of support from people of color. Compared to Monmouth’s June poll, Biden has dropped 14 points among people of color, while Bernie has gained 7 points among people of color — the biggest gain of any candidate.

The poll follows an Economist/YouGov poll showing a similar 6-point jump for Bernie, as well as other polls showing he is the most popular Democrat, he is one of two candidates ahead of Trump, and his campaign is getting particularly strong support from women and people of color.

The Monmouth survey comes out on the day that Bernie was endorsed by the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. Earlier this year, Sanders stood in solidarity with UE workers as they led an historic and successful strike against Wabtec in Erie, Pennsylvania — the first major manufacturing strike of the Trump presidency.

Pittsburgh’s CBS station covered Bernie’s speech today to the UE — watch it here.

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