BERN NOTICE: “Health Care Industry Spending Millions” In Iowa Against Bernie’s Medicare for All Plan

With Bernie and Medicare for All rising in polls, the insurance/pharma industry is now trying to buy the 2020 election.

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Why are shadowy corporate front groups suddenly spending big money on ads in Iowa attacking Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan? Because yet more new polling shows that voters are gravitating to the plan — and so as Iowa Starting Line reports, the industry is attacking the initiative in a desperate effort “to preserve profits.”

The story notes that “ads specifically attacking presidential candidate health care plans” are being bankrolled by “The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future.” That euphemistically named organization is comprised of insurers and drug companies and is led by Capitol Hill staffers-turned-lobbyists. The group’s corporate members together spent more than $143 million influencing Congress in 2018.

In a recent Buzzfeed oped, Bernie called this dark-money group “a partnership to protect health industry profits” — and now the group is taking its revenge by slandering his plan to guarantee health care to all Americans.

The problem for these health industry profiteers is that new polls this week continue to show that as other Democratic candidates abandon Medicare for All and echo Donald Trump’s dishonest talking points about health care, Bernie’s plan continues to become more and more popular among voters.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that “65 percent of Democratic primary voters would be more likely to support a candidate who wants to institute a single-payer health care system like Medicare for All” and that overall, Medicare for All is supported by a majority. Monmouth’s new pollfinds that a whopping 81 percent of Democratic voters believe it is important that “Democrats nominate someone who supports Medicare for All.”

These new polls follow surveys from HarrisXRealClear Opinion ResearchMorning ConsultYouGov and ABC News/Washington Post showing strong majority support for Medicare for All. Similarly, surveys from RealClear Opinion ResearchMorning ConsultYouGovBusiness Insider and Tulchin Research show that majorities want Medicare for All to replace private insurance.

All of this has resulted in a big boost for Bernie: CNNABC/WashPostReuters and Morning Consult polls now show Bernie is the most trusted candidate on the health care issue.

These trends don’t just reflect voters’ trust in Bernie to actually follow through on his promises — they also reflect the underlying anger at the current system. Simply put, voters understand that we must fundamentally change a for-profit system that pays health care CEOs $2.6 billion in a single year — all while bankrupting 500,000 Americans annually, impoverishing cancer victims and forcing 1 out of 4 people to skip needed medical care.

The health insurance and pharmaceutical companies behind the ads in Iowa want to preserve this system — because this system enriches insurance and pharmaceutical executives. Their pressure has convinced many Democratic candidates to bash Bernie and Medicare for All.

But when Bernie quotes FDR, he means it: we welcome their hatred.

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P.S. Bernie is doing a big Medicare for All event tonight in South Carolina. In 2017, South Carolina’s major health insurance company increased premiums by 31 percent while denying more than 30 percent of in-network claims to its customers. In light of that, it’s not surprising that a recent Charleston Post & Courier poll found that “health care is the top issue for South Carolina Democratic primary voters” and that “nearly 90 percent of Democratic primary voters support Medicare-for-all.”